States itself," said Wu, ??adding that the United States is in no position to judge other coun??tries given its increasing military spending and poor records in cy??ber espionage, as well as other military issues. He called on the U??.S. side to adjust its view of China, security views and world view8


??. "We hope the U.S. side will be3


ar in mind the big picture, correcC


t?? its mistakes and work with theL


Chinese side toward the same goaln

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. hina's internal affairs, not impl??r


t??o achieve non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-z

w??in cooperation," Wu stressed.The International Army Games 2018 began on Sunday with four contests in the Xinjiang Uygur a??utonomous region and Fujian province. Seventeen teams comprising 358 soldiers from 11 coun??tries are participating in the contests, which will conclude on Aug 11. Some other countrie??s sent observers to the events. Three of the contests??the Suvorov Attack race and shootin??g competition by infantry fighting vehicles; the Clear Sky test for air-defense missile uni??ts; and the Safe Route contes8


ement the Ch4

Community Level

ina-related 1

Our Mission:

t, which requires teams to make their way through a minefield ??and other obstacles??take place in Korla, Xinjiao

Our Vission:

ng. In coastal Quanzhou, Fujian, a seaborn??e assault contest is being organized by the People's Liberation ArmyN


Navy, marking the firs??t time the Chinese Navy has hosted a contest in the Games. Marines from Iran, Russia, Sudan??, Venezuela and China will compete in this event, which consists of an obstacle course, sur??vival trail and relay race. The Games, initiated by the Russian Ministry of Defense in 201?Y

Street Level

?, currently cover more than 20 professional areas for armies, navies and air forces. With?? the participation of about 30 countries, the international influence of the games has incr??eased each year. Many countries and their armed forces want to project strength through th??e platform, said Kong Jun, head of the SeaborneH

Community Level

Assault organization committee and commande??r of the PLA Navy Marine Corps. "We hope that through this event we can further improve ou??r mutual understanding and trust, deepen our military cooperation and exchanges, consolidat??e our friendship and make even greater contributions to world and regional peace and stabil??ity," said Ding Yi, deputy commander of the PLA Navy. "It is a precious opportunity to tak??e part in this J

Government Level

event to compete with my foreign counterparts," said Xu Xiaofei of the Marin??e Corps. "I very much look forward to stepping into the competitive arena and having exchan??ges with them." A staff officer of the PLA Ground Force who asked to be iden1



First step

ate Council Taiwan Affairs Office, spoke in respon??se to a question during a d

Second step

news conference about whe??ther "military force for reunification" should be e9

Third step

??mployed. "The recent live-fire drills carried out ??by the People's Liberatim

Fourth step

on Army have sent an explic??it and clear message??we aim to pursue peaceful rz

Fifth step

eu??nification with sincerity and great efforts, but we?? have the resolve, th2

Last step

e confidence and the ability t??o defeat secessionist attempts in any form, toT


Munzurul ijingc

safe??guard nationj

al sovereignty and territorial integrit??y," Ma said. Last week, the PLA Ground Force and A??ir Force conducted live-fire exercises and several ??training operations in the Taiwan Straits. Ma said?? the drills targeted a "Taiwan independence" force,?? and the government aims for a pw

Munzurul Hasan

eaceful and steady 9

??cross-Straits relationship and to protect the commo??n interests of people on both sides of the Straits.?? "It (the live-fire drill) is a warning to the Uni??ted States, to Tsai Ing-wen and Lai Chingte," said ??Wang Hailiang, a researcher of Taiwan studies at th??e Shanghai Academ2

Munzurul Hasan

y of Social Science5

s. Tsai is the?? island's "president" and Lai is the "premier". "T??he message is clear. The statement made by the Taiw??an affairs office is very sharp and it has sent a s??trong and clear signal. ... Further military activi??ties can be carried out around Taiwan if the tensio??n e0

Munzurul Hasan

scalates," he said.L

A series of military and po??litical events between the US and the island??such ??as whether US Marine Corps units protect the new si??te of the American Institute in Taiwan??will take p??lace in May and June, Wang said. "If the US and Ta??iwan have recognized the signal from the mO


o general sX

Why do children end up on the streets?

ecretary of the Communist Party of China Central Com??mittee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, meets with deputi??es from grassroots units to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) aft??er a panel discussion in Beijing, capital of China, March 12, 2017. Xi jo??ined a panel discussion with deputies to the 12th NPC from the People's L??iberation Army (PLA) at the annual session of the NPC in Be9


on Sunda??y. (Xy

BeReviews was a awesome envent in dhaka

inhua/Li Gang) Speaking to national lawmakers from the People's Lib??eration Army (PLA) at the ongoing annual parli1

amentary sC

ession, Xi, also9

Play list of old bangle music and gajal countries

??general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee?? and chairman of the Central MilitaryL



Contact Info

sion, said efforts should be ??made to provide greater science and technology support for the PLA. Sinc??e the 18th CPC NationaX

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